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How to clear database in Spring Boot tests?

Nowadays using a production like database in unit1 tests is a common practice. Calling a real database can increase our confidence that a tested code actually works. Having said that a database, by its very nature, brings external state into a test that will affect its behavior, hence we need to pay special attention to prepare the test execution. There are couple of ways to handle the database state in tests and I’m going to describe an approach I like most.

IOTA - a new kid in the cryptocurrency town

At Bright Inventions, we always try to keep focus on the bleeding-edge technologies and innovations. We are especially interested in cryptocurrencies and its prospective wide usage in the industry, not only as a payment method. We already have some experience with Ethereum and Hyperledger as a Blockchain-based app platform, so we were curious what can IOTA offer.

Walking skeleton

What satisfies your client?

Securing your Google service account key in builds

Establishing a reliable continuous delivery and deployment process is often very important as it might greatly reduce the length of time needed for the validation and verification of the software product. This is also true for Android projects, especially the ones aimed at short time to market.

Few Steps to Fast Redshift

Do you think a web dashboard which communicates directly with Amazon Redshift and shows tables, charts, numbers - statistics in general,can work well? We believe it can, as long as the dashboard is used by a few users. As this was our case, we have decided to give it a go.

Do More with What You Have

Let us assume we work diligently. But does it also mean we work effectively and efficiently? Do we spend eight, seven or (at least) six or five hours a day working conscientiously on our projects? And if someone asked whether we come into work with the intention to do our job best, would our answer be always YES?

To code or not to code

Is there always a good moment to code? Have you ever asked yourself this kind of question? Have you ever felt that maybe you should take a break instead of writing a code, but you choose to code?

Bright Devs disAPPearing in Gdańsk

It was pleasure for us to take part in Summer Course “DisAPPear in Gdańsk”. Many thanks to Board of European Students of Technology for inviting us. We could share our knowledge with incredibly clever minds who came to Poland from different European countries. Hopefully, we managed to reveal some secrets about mobile app development to them.