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How do we use Git at Bright Inventions?

Even though at Bright Inventions we use a number of technologies and work on multiple software stacks, we have a few practices that are common and widely accepted across all projects and stacks. One of these things is how we use source control, namely Git. Some parts of our workflow is highly subjective and some might even be regarded as controversial or suboptimal. Let me guide you through our process and explain some of our rationales.

Bright Networking Time

Networking gives you the chance to connect with new highly influential people easily, people who wouldn’t connect with you just through a cold email or a LinkedIn invitation. It’s a chance where you can build long term business relationships and to strengthen the relationship with old connections which could formulate into business growth. Not only can you build new connections but also the ability to gain new knowledge and receive advice that you were not able to get a hold off. Some people feel stressed, nervous about networking and speaking to new people, don’t be, just be yourself and have fun.

Don't let your mind steal your time

Procrastination can often make our lives miserable. It steals our time, money, and first of all satisfaction. So, what can we do not to let this powerful thief steal the greatness of our life? One may think it is not a question for me since I am quite disciplined and I rather do not face such problems. The reality is a bit different. Of course, I usually have a schedule that I follow, but apart from that I apply also a few rules that help me stay focused and engaged.

Definition of Done

I have often heard that something is “almost ready”. This term is vague and brings more confusion than information. According to the Ninety-Ninety rule, 90% of the code is implemented during 90% of the project time and the remaining 10% of the code (“almost ready features”) can take even the same amount of time which would lead to massive project delays.

Using WebAssembly with React

WebAssembly (WASM) is a binary format for the executable code in the browsers. In this article, we will create a simple web application using React library, write and compile to WASM a part of our JavaScript code and after that link it to the application.

Don't be a mockup developer

Many times as a mobile developer I have to work on apps without the API ready that was crucial for the feature I was implementing. Either the backend was developed by another team that was not entirely in sync with us or our backend team had no chance to implement those endpoints earlier. For this reason, I was not able to satisfy the Definition of Done but it does not mean that I have implemented the UI only.

How Their Adventure with Programming Began

I have asked 3 devs, Adam, Agnieszka and Radek, who work with me at Bright Inventions about the beginning of their programming career, first challenges and what they like most about their job. Discover their stories and take a look inside our Bright Team.

Bright Inventions Remains a Top Developer in Poland

As a digital business development agency, Bright Inventions specializes in the development of mobile applications. By providing our clients with smart web and backend solutions, along with mobile app construction services, we hope to equip our clients with the resources they need to come out on top in their respective industries.

Would Blockchain lie to you?

Our vision at Bright has always been to share and transfer knowledge to other aspiring minds who are eager to take their skills to the next level and BEST Summer Technology Course was a great way to do it.

Self code review

Once I was a child my parents were convincing me that it was worth double checking both my homework as well as tests before handing them in, to catch errors and fix them. It soon became a habit for me. The habit that once evaluated into a self code review process :)