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5 (or more) ways to benefit from TypeScript in React projects

TypeScript in React projects provides us with all the goodies of type checks and eliminate the whole class of errors and typos from our codebase. Let’s see how we can apply TypeScript-based type definitions into our React project to get most of it.

TypeScript tips from Kotlin developer - const

Nowadays I mostly code in Kotlin programming language. I got interested in it when I started working on a Java 7 codebase and quickly got fed up with the language. At Bright Inventions we often use TypeScript for both back-end, front-end and mobile development so I thought I would share some thoughts and tips for TypeScript learned while using Kotlin. In particular this post is about constant variables.

Top 3 reasons why you should start with Android

People who start their professional coding adventure, whether they are still studying, just graduated or changing profession, may often hesitate what programming platform they should start with. So let me mention a few reasons why I think it’s a great idea to start with Android.

Make IT Bright - Join our Developer's Team

Bright Inventions is evolving and growing, and we seek energetic positive people who would like to join our developer’s team. Have you ever thought about working in a place where you can develop your skills, have a real impact on the projects you realise and stack you use, and what is more, be among people who might not only be your colleagues, but also friends in a private life? Find out more about how we work and who we are, and apply. We would love to get in touch with you.


Last week I attended a climbing competition dedicated for girls only to celebrate the international women’s day. It was held quite far away from my home town and on my way back I was wondering why I was so excited to attend a climbing competition for women and at the very same time I am so sceptical about any girls-only programming events.

How to deploy Lambda function with CloudFormation?

Serverless deployments are popular these days. With a minimal cost you can have your own code wait and respond to various events. AWS Lambda, Azure Functions are just 2 examples of serverless offering from the biggest cloud providers. For a long time I had thought about them only in the context of ad-hoc setups not suitable for a long term development. This was until I found out that you can, with a little effort, version and deploy the serverless API just as a traditional back-end. In this post I am going to show how to deploy AWS Lambda functions with the help of the tool Adam created at Bright Inventions called cloudform.

The modern way of getting started with React and TypeScript

One of the prerequisites for a healthy and sustainable tech stack that reduces the risk of our project quickly getting obsolete is a tooling and automation around the mundane chores. Out of the tools fatigue JavaScript world suffered few months back the new generation solution was born at Facebook for React.

GroupWork, but not GroupThink

Have you ever heard about Groupthink? It occurs when a group of people make faulty decisions due to mutual pressure. According to Irving Janis who coined this term for the first time in 1972, the group pressure leads to a deterioration of mental efficiency, moral judgement as well as reality verification. Groups affected by the groupthink phenomenon frequently ignore alternatives while looking for a solution. People who are vulnerable to groupthink mostly have a similar background, work in organisations with a lack of established decision making process and do not meet any outside opinions.

How to call a load balanced ECS service?

A service running ECS can call plethora of AWS APIs. It can read messages from queues, publish messages to SNS topics, query a database. These are all valid ways to communicate with the service. However, often the most appropriate way is to call the service by an HTTP API. In this post I’ll describe how to configure an ECS service running inside VPC so that other services can call its API.