Bright Inventions


If we keep track of our daily schedule really thoroughly, we might be shocked how much time we waste in five to fifteen-minute breaks. I am saying “waste” not by accident here since we are often wasting our time during breaks instead of recharging batteries. The good news is that brief mental breaks taken in a reasonable way still help us re-focus, regain motivation and reevaluate goals.

Working with Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions can make your life easier whenever you want to add a new feature to the Chrome Browser. Working with extensions is quite easy. It’s just the good old JavaScript code and not much more. There are however few things worth taking into consideration while working with the extensions.

Microbenchmarking on Android

Since Kotlin becomes more and more popular, especially amongst Android developers (and it’s officially supported by Google), some people decided to compare its runtime performance with Java. After reading a few articles I wanted to test it myself and now I’m ready to share some of my observations and experiences.

How to use different Google configurations for each build config

If you have ever used Google Sign-In, Firebase, or Google Analytics for iOS, you should be familiar with a GoogleService-Info.plist configuration file. Using property list files instead of setting every required property manually in code is convenient, especially while using more than one Google service at once and the configuration grows. But have you ever wondered how this can be adjusted to multiple environments?

What are Code Reviews for?

It is often said that Code Reviews are by far the most effective way to identify bugs in software. However, it is easy to notice that the "code review" term is a bit overloaded and it might mean different things to different people.

Redshift Materialized Views

It is often convenient to create a view upon your normalized schema to join and aggregate the data, especially when it requires a complicated query.

How to publish a library to a Maven repository with the maven-publish plugin

A seasoned developer now and then creates a piece of code that he or she would like to reuse in a different project. When such time comes it is useful to know how to publish a library so that it can easily be incorporated into a different project. In this post I will describe how to publish a Kotlin library to JCenter with maven-publish and com.jfrog.bintray Gradle plugins.

Side effects of transferring iOS application

When the time you are selling your long-developed application comes, or you are about to take over an app, you probably do not bother about the transition process. Although Apple has described the steps in details, you should consider potential consequences before starting the transition.


Not everyone is an extrovert, and for sure not every programmer is, but companies are created by teams, and it is the team that takes the greatest responsibility for running the company effectively. If team members do not collaborate, there is very little chance your business will succeed.