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TeamCity for iOS project

Hi! Today's topic will be about TeamCity and how to provide continuous integration in your iOS project.

HTTP client timeouts

We have already touched upon the importance of timeouts and described most important related JDBC knobs. The next aspect of timeouts I would like to focus on is using API clients. Specifically HTTP clients which are by far the most popular. We will review couple of popular HTTP client libraries and their configuration regarding timeouts.

call(), apply() and bind() Methods in JavaScript

Working with JavaScript ‘this’ keyword can be tricky. Not knowing the background rules may end up with the famous “it doesn’t work and I don’t know why”. It’s good to know the theory before putting things into practice. ‘call()’, ‘apply()’ and ‘bind()’ methods can come in handy while setting the ‘this’ value.

Working with iOS in-app purchases

There are more pleasant things to do in iOS development than setting up and testing in-app purchases. The process is laborious and requires thorough testing, especially that in-app purchases are crucial from a business perspective.

The human side of software development

Getting into the world of software development can be a really demanding task. Introducing clean code, providing tests to your solution, using the right tool for the job, keeping up with latest trends... these are all things that you were most probably told about at the time that you barely knew what programming was. It seems that many people tend to neglect the side of development that hasn't got too much to do with machines...

Dockerizing Android builds

Docker is a great container platform that helps building a true independence between applications, infrastructure and developers. It provides an isolation which supports building modern continuous integration environments with ease and at low cost.

Database timeouts

Last time I have outlined the importance of timeouts. Without a carefully considered timeouts our application can become unresponsive easily. In this post I will focus on configuring various timeouts related to interaction with database. I am going to focus specifically on relational databases. The principles and practices however can be applied equally well to other types of databases.

IOTA - Hello World

The most mature client library we can use for IOTA is a JavaScript one called iota.lib.js. Let's see what we can use it for.

Mastering LED with BASIC wirelessly

As a DIY fan I love to browse internet in search of ideas and inspirations. So I’ve found a pretty nice project, called ESPBASIC. I heard about BASIC, but I had never had a chance neither to learn it nor to use it, so I thought it was ‘s time to meet BASIC (although it’s just an interpreter). I have few ESP-12F chips in my drawer, few cables and LEDs scattered around and a free breadboard, and that will be enough for the first encounter with BASIC. My idea is simple and typical for electronics - I have decided to make hello world of DIY world - blinking LED.

Make the Most of It

Some people can achieve much more during the same time than the others. The secret may lie in their time management. It is not an innate skill we are born with. I suppose I am learning it constantly by doing regular updates in my to-do list. By managing our time effectively we do not only complete tasks much faster, but also work smarter while not being overloaded and burnt out.