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Slack + Fastlane = ❤️. About one of Continuous Integration puzzles.

Professional development process consists of many puzzles. Some of these puzzles can be: unit testing, choosing good architecture, clean code, continuous integration and many more. In this post I will focus on one of these puzzles - Continuous Integration(CI). An integral part of CI in iOS Development process is a great tool called Fastlane. Fastlane is a powerful engine which handles a number of tasks like - dealing with code signing, creating `.ipa` files, generating screenshots to AppStore and much more. One of the cool feature of Fastlane is a Slack integration - and this is what I wanted to write about.

Selecting the right partner to build your MVP

One of the things that we do best at Bright Inventions is helping startups build their first MVP. It’s pretty common that founders select us as their technology partner and rely on us to turn their vision into reality. We enjoy this kind of challenges and over the years have started to understand quite well why - simply said - startups like to work with us. However, this note is purely intended as a set of generic things to look for in a technology partner.

The importance of timeouts

Timeouts are not an exciting thing to talk about. They do not add immediately perceivable value. They are difficult to guess get right and force one to consider problems that are hard to solve. In fact, in my experience, the timeout is only ever considered when our software stops working or is about to. That is an enormous shame since, in my opinion, carefully applied timeouts can vastly improve software resiliency.

React Native - 4 steps to improve your workflow as a mobile developer

A developer needs tools that support her/his workflow to be fully productive. Well, I guess that this statement fits to any profession that you can think of. It is really important for me to feel that the environment that I'm working in really supports my flow and works well with my approach to software development.

Internship vs Internship

Hello! I’m Radek and I am a programmer. Employed as a full-time software developer at Bright Inventions… last Monday.

Simulating nth-of-class CSS selector

My experience with frontend web development is not long yet, nevertheless, I have already got stuck a few times and spend like a few hours trying to find one perfect solution. I reckon that some of them are worth describing.

Getting started with IOTA

Although the plans of IOTA are great, currently the project is in its incubation phase, with the majority of the most attractive features not yet ready to use. But this shouldn't stop us from playing with what we already have today. Let's play!

A few things I like about React Native. And a few I don't.

React Native is still a hot topic at the company. After spending some time with it, many of us have some thoughts and I think there is still a lot to say about it so I would like to share some of my observations and feelings.

3d modeling as a developer

As a developer, 3d modeling was something that I had always wanted to try since it was something that I needed to visualize the final product or to create prototypes in my DIY projects. For a long time I’ve been searching for a perfect CAD, but none of them were ideal for me. During one of my talks with a colleague of mine, he mentioned something about TinkerCAD, Fusion360 and OpenSCAD. The last one immediately got my attention as it had “open” in its name. I asked him to elaborate on that but “that’s geeky stuff” was all that he said. I’ve decided then to look it up since I had a feeling that it might be something for me…