Bright Inventions

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We have a long-term experience in the systems integration, IoT solutions (sensors, readers, household appliances, wearables) and communication with Bluetooth devices. We always seek for exciting projects that satisfy our hunger for technical challenges.

Our main focus are mobile-centric solutions that encompass:

  • iOS native applications (Reactive Cocoa/RxSwift, push notifications, custom animations, iBeacons, ANT+ integration, text-to-speech)
  • Android native applications (Kotlin, RxAndroid, Dagger, Retrofit, push notifications, iBeacons)
  • Web solutions (AngularJS, ReactJS,, Leaflet)
  • Backend solutions (Java/Kotlin, Node.js, Express, Ruby-on-Rails, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, AWS)
  • Continous delivery: git, TeamCity, fastlane, gradle

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