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SmartHelp is a holistic solution for Emergency Services in Norway. In case of an accident the Services know where you are and how they should help you.

Concerned about privacy? Keep calm. SmartHelp implements 'Privacy by Design' approach and has a fully end-to-end encrypted channel to exchange messages between parties and only those parties are able to read the messages.

The solution consists of two native mobile apps (iOS & Android), Emergency Services web panel and the backend. Bright Inventions takes part in the whole process from day 0, starting from ideas, through full-stack implementation to deployment and maintenance.

  • iOS native application: ReactiveCocoa
  • Android native application: Kotlin, RxAndroid, Dagger, Retrofit
  • Web: AngularJS,, Leaflet
  • Backend: Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL
  • Git, TeamCity, Docker, AWS

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