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We offer custom software development for organizations of all shapes and sizes – from emerging startups, mid-sized companies and consultancy agencies, to renowned NGOs and international organizations. Our clients come from multiple industries, including FinTech, Blockchain, HealthTech, Retail, Logistics, and more.

we organise Agile workshops for teams

how we work

We leverage our strategic location in Poland – the heart of Europe – to combine remote, daily work with partners whenever need be.
We’re there for you at all project development stages:


We’ll help you evaluate if your idea stands a chance in the market. You can count not only on an in-depth analysis of the industry you want to enter, but also on our candidness. Namely, if we find that your app idea has a low probability of succeeding, we’ll tell you straight away.

Don’t be discouraged, though! If so, we’ll help you work out an alternative that responds to a genuine market need.


Requirements elicitation

We organize workshops to dig deep into your project’s needs and requirements. Depending on the project, this can, for instance, take on the form of brainstorming or so-called “scoping sessions”. All so we can fully understand what needs to be done to bring the best possible version of your product to the market.

Project development

We’ll be more than delighted to organize Agile workshops for you and your team. This way, we’ll help you quickly get a grasp of what this leading project management methodology brings to the table! It will also help you understand how we plan and prioritize our work in order to bring your product to the market.

Product design

Once we know exactly what your app will bring to the table as far as feature requirements are concerned, our Product Design team will make sure that it also offers a robust user experience. If you’re already working with in-house designers or a different design team, we’ll be more than happy to join forces in the UI/UX discipline.

Software development

We represent the highest possible software development standards. Our development and design teams put a strong emphasis on innovation and optimization. This means that we don’t have a hard time bidding farewell to obsolete technology and constantly try out new solutions.

Quality assurance

Our QA team will make sure that your software is always up-and-running and offers the best possible performance. Rest assured that your project will be in safe hands and nothing will disrupt its sound functioning.

Support & Maintenance

After the initial launch of the product on the market, many of our customers entrust us with support, maintenance, and further development of the software. Depending on your needs, we’ll take care of ongoing support, UV+X maintenance, post-launch development, and many more.

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