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Android - Koin DI

In Android injecting parameters, managing component’s lifecycle and creating various scopes is difficult and crucial, but fortunately, we’ve got DI (Dependency Injection) technique for the rescue.

Flutter - why you may love it or hate it

Flutter is a new Google’s framework for creating cross-platform applications. So far, I haven’t tried to create any cross-platform projects so I wanted to give it a try. This won’t be a next basic tutorial for creating apps with Flutter. I’ll just present my first impression of things that have made me love and hate Flutter after a few hours of having fun with it.

I am hooked on React

React has introduced a new feature which allows you to use state and other React feature without writing class, upcoming Hooks, a new proposal in React 16.8.0, which are going to blow your socks off and enable our stateless function component does more than even before!

A sky full of Agile

Everybody seems to be doing Agile these days. Start-ups do it, big organisations do it, all the cool companies do it. That’s even how autonomous cars are being developed - the agile way. Even though it’s been agreed that ‘there’s no silver bullet’ in software development, well, apparently there must be and it’s Agile. Right? Don’t get me wrong. I love Agile. And that’s exactly why I hope it will never turn into Coldplay of software development. Sometimes it seems that Agile is becoming this crowd-pleasing, catchy thing, that slowly loses its meaning. What does it mean to be agile these days?

The secret recipe of being a happy employee

It happens quite often that we go with the flow and let our day be controlled by such things like notifications, emails, distractions from colleagues or countless meetings. But we often do not realise to what extent they all may affect our work and life, in general.

N ways to debug React Native app

React Native is an abstraction over the native code, which allows us to have one code base for multiple platforms. Sounds great, right? Not everybody though is so enthusiastic about this approach. One of the reasons might be troublesome running and debugging the JavaScript code. In this blog post you may find a short tutorial on how to debug your app on Android and iOS, on a physical device or a simulator/emulator, the JavaScript code and the native one.

31 reasons why we love working at Bright Inventions

I am always saying that the future of work is all about people, the people feeling connected to the culture of their company and the vision of their organisation. Job is much more than a pay cheque. It is a place you go to improve your skill set, contribute to the greater good, and collaborate with other awesome people. And that is the case of our bright success. We are surrounded by Bright People every day.

How do we use Git at Bright Inventions?

Even though at Bright Inventions we use a number of technologies and work on multiple software stacks, we have a few practices that are common and widely accepted across all projects and stacks. One of these things is how we use source control, namely Git. Some parts of our workflow is highly subjective and some might even be regarded as controversial or suboptimal. Let me guide you through our process and explain some of our rationales.

Bright Networking Time

Networking gives you the chance to connect with new highly influential people easily, people who wouldn’t connect with you just through a cold email or a LinkedIn invitation. It’s a chance where you can build long term business relationships and to strengthen the relationship with old connections which could formulate into business growth. Not only can you build new connections but also the ability to gain new knowledge and receive advice that you were not able to get a hold off. Some people feel stressed, nervous about networking and speaking to new people, don’t be, just be yourself and have fun.

Don't let your mind steal your time

Procrastination can often make our lives miserable. It steals our time, money, and first of all satisfaction. So, what can we do not to let this powerful thief steal the greatness of our life? One may think it is not a question for me since I am quite disciplined and I rather do not face such problems. The reality is a bit different. Of course, I usually have a schedule that I follow, but apart from that I apply also a few rules that help me stay focused and engaged.