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We’re a studio in Poland with a team of great developers
who build first-rate mobile apps.

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Our team

  • Michał Łukasiewicz

    Michał Łukasiewicz is an idea guy. Starts 5 new things weekly. Workaholic. When he is on vacation, he works only part-time so that his employees never need to work overtime.

  • Daniel Makurat

    Daniel Makurat always thinks differently. His ideas often sound odd at first, but turn out to be really Bright in the end. Works mostly in iOS, but Ruby scars are still visible.

  • Piotr Mionskowski

    Piotr Mionskowski is a real Full Stack Developer, probably the only one who touched every possible technology and the default go-to person in case of problems. TDD fan that always asks ’Why?’.

  • Mateusz Klimczak

    Mateusz Klimczak - Trello guy, has everything planned ahead. Does the job of ten corporate line managers at once while running 3 iOS projects in the meantime.

  • Adam Bar

    Adam Bar is the web enthusiast. He is trying to convince everyone we wouldn't need mobile apps some day. A fan of order and structure.

  • Eliasz Sawicki

    Eliasz Sawicki is a world-class conference speaker to be. Eager to experiment with the new stuff. Mostly working in iOS, but not afraid of JavaScript fatigue.

  • Kamil Wysocki

    Kamil Wysocki works in iOS. Has highly developed usability intuition. He is always trying to cover all cases while creating new stuff.

  • Agnieszka Olszewska

    Agnieszka Olszewska joined the team to do big things in Big Data. Privately keen on big mountains. Always smiling.

  • Andrzej Zabost

    Andrzej Zabost is an Android enthusiast and Kotlin fan. In spare time he crushes his enemies in video games.

  • Paweł Papkiewicz

    Paweł Papkiewicz is a real DIY guy with wide experience of web development. A few codes and he will create a digital bike for you.

  • Ula Stankiewicz

    Ula Stankiewicz is an English and Social Media lover. She makes our brand bright. Can’t imagine her life without bike and chocolate.

  • Radek Pieczątkiewicz

    Radek Pieczątkiewicz is a junior mobile developer whose passion is not only Android, but also cooking. He loves creating new things - either it is creating a new application from scratch or preparing a fancy dish for dinner.

  • Grzegorz Ciesla

    Grzegorz Cieśla is a junior software developer with a passion for backend. He pays attention to all small things in the projects so that every time he is able to find the best and cleanest solution.