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healthtech consulting

Scaling the HealthTech solution is not just a valid challenge; it's a mission to bring health & life-saving solutions to humanity. Our team has successfully supported startups and SMEs, based in Germany, the UK, the US, and Israel, by leveraging technologies to build modern digital health solutions.

customized healthcare software development services

generative AI in healthcare

Secure LLM (Large Language Models) enable the analysis of health data, effective remote care, and can even support faster diagnostics of cancer, vascular diseases, and other disorders that are leading causes of death. Our team works with LLM models daily and can help you enhance your solution with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

telemedicine (telehealth)

Ensuring effective communication between doctors, nurses, and patients is a crucial goal of digital health. We have experience in building telehealth solutions that facilitate video consultations, messaging, and other forms of communication between patients and healthcare providers.

scale your eHealth app

healthtech guide cover
We've prepared a guide for HealthTech companies facing the biggest challenge of all: scaling.

IoT in healthcare with wearables

By integrating Bluetooth devices and establishing an IoT (Internet of Things) network, we ensure continuous monitoring of vital signs and other critical medical data. This setup is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and other applicable local regulations, ensuring the secure and efficient management of health information. We have successfully implemented a network of NHS-certified devices that have significantly improved the lives of patients in home care settings across the UK.

remote patient monitoring solutions

Let's build ongoing monitoring systems that streamline post-care for patients. Our team has extensive knowledge in developing applications for various wearables and smart Bluetooth devices to construct an Internet of Things (IoT) network enabling 24-hour monitoring of patient data. Thanks to implementing top security measures such as data encryption, access control, and risk assessment, we deliver solutions that are HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

EHR (Electronic health record) solutions

By leveraging advanced cloud computing technologies, we've helped to develop seamless EHR solutions that facilitate the storage and real-time sharing of patient records. Our systems are designed to comply with HIPAA and GDPR, ensuring secure and efficient management of health information. Additionally, we provide the capability to access data even when offline, enhancing accessibility and reliability.

patient engagement apps

Empowering patients to manage their health conditions is a crucial step in the digital revolution of healthcare, especially in the management of chronic diseases. Our team has experience in developing applications, for example, for Parkinson's patients, with a strong focus on patient engagement.

FemTech solutions

From pregnancy and postpartum support apps to period and fertility tracking applications, and even in-vitro and fertility support solutions, scale with us as a female-focused technology that truly addresses female-specific problems. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of women, moving beyond generic applications to provide personalized and comprehensive support for every stage of a woman's health journey.

eMAR (electronic medication administration record)

Medicine distribution is one of the most essential tasks of healthcare providers, yet it is prone to mistakes that can affect patients' lives. We have experience in building robust eMAR systems that streamline medical processes and help eliminate medication distribution errors.

mental health technology

Respond effectively to critical mental healthcare challenges with our solution. Whether it's depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders, we are committed to helping you scale solutions with a primary focus on and respect for your users. Proudly supporting the growth of the online group therapy platform based in the US, we draw upon our experience to navigate the sensitive realm of digital mental health with care and expertise.

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