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  • Established in 2012
  • A part of Nordic Group Lyvia
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Headquartered in the city of Gdansk – a hub of innovation and technological expertise – our team has been at the forefront of the dynamic Polish IT sector for over 13 years.

Gdansk has proven itself as a magnet for global business giants, with industry leaders like Intel, Amazon, Nordea, and Lufthansa choosing to establish a presence here. From the convenience of Gdansk Airport, you can easily access over 20 countries with the majority of European destinations just a short flight away—many within a mere two hours.

If you are considering partnering with a company from Gdansk, go deeper into the advantages our city has to offer. We can join forces and explore together the potential of Poland's tech scene.

our expertise

We offer custom software development for organizations of all shapes and sizes – from emerging startups, mid-sized companies, and consultancy agencies, to renowned NGOs and international organizations.

mobile development

We have built over 50 mobile applications for both iOS and Android systems for clients ranging from well-established companies to startup businesses, including Just Eat Takeaway, Relevo, Heinrich Schmid, and Circles.

IoT development

We specialize in integrating smart bluetooth devices into sophisticated systems. We have cooperated with clients representing the industrial, healthcare, and retail sectors.

healthcare software development

We assist our partners in developing products that have a meaningful impact on the lives of their end users. By building an engagement app for chronically ill patients, a digital guide for future moms, or an online therapy platform, we take part in the global digital healthcare movement.

MVP development

We craft MVPs to quickly validate ideas for the software solutions. We’ve built numerous MVPs including a humanitarian aid solution which turned into a global product.

cloud computing

As an official AWS partner, we help our partners scale their solutions reducing costs for infrastructure. We also offer full support during deployment and migration.

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