6 Things You Should Know about Backend Developers from Poland

What does it mean to work with a backend development company based in Poland? What you should know about Polish backend programmers? Get insight into the world of backend development in Poland.

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The Polish software development industry is Europe’s one of the top

The Polish software development industry, with almost €9bn in revenue, is ranked 7th among all European Union countries. It has been in this position since 2017. Despite pandemic turbulences, the Polish software development industry remained strong in the top 10 of the European Union.

Looking for a Polish backend company?

You’ve come to the right place. Since 2012 we have built products for clients from Germany, Norway, Israel, UK and more.

Polish backend developers use modern stack and tools

Polish software developers are well known for their impressive programming knowledge and skills which were established thanks to a HackerRank study.

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A typical backend developer from Bright Inventions uses technologies such as:

  • Kotlin – modern programming language, Java’s forerunner,
  • SQL – a database query language,
  • Node.js – a JavaScript open-source environment,
  • AWS – Amazon’s cloud computing platform which offers lots of useful services such as AWS Aurora, AWS ECS, and many more,
  • Spring Boot – Java-based framework,
  • Redis – open-source, in-memory, key-value database,
  • Docker – containerization platform enabling faster delivery of applications.

Polish devs are experienced in working on international projects

Top backend development companies based in Poland, like Bright Inventions, create solutions mostly for international clients. Polish programmers are eager to work with foreign clients and they are perfectly skilled to do so.

Polish young people, especially developers, speak fluently in English, as was proven by EF English Proficiency Index. Poland was ranked as a country with high proficiency in English. What is more, many software development agencies organize internal English classes for employees so they can keep developing their foreign language skills.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the Polish school system requires students to study two foreign languages so some developers have great knowledge of other tongues such as German, Spanish, or French.

Polish backend developers are not afraid to work with cloud infrastructure

Polish backend developers

Backend Developers and DevOps Engineers work closely according to DevOps methodology. Backend developers at Bright Inventions are skilled to contribute to infrastructure which makes the development process more efficient.

Thanks to tools provided by Amazon Web Services the cooperation between devs and DevOps Engineers is smooth and easy. That’s why it is essential for backend developers to learn how to use cloud computing solutions, especially AWS or Azure. Learning these platforms should be an important part of the self-development of a backend developer.

More info about the modern DevOps approaches you will find in the article written by Michał, an experienced DevOps Engineer.

Polish backend development teams are accessible to clients around the globe

Poland is part of the Central European Time Zone which means that there is no time difference between Poland and most European countries. Moreover, Polish backend development companies are capable to work with clients from different continents.

For example, the time difference between New York and Warsaw is 6 hours which makes it possible to set up daily meetings with clients and Polish devs.

Polish backend devs are experienced and full of passion

Polish backend developers

Polish programmers are motivated to self-develop and follow best practices at work. As an example, you can dive into the story of Piotr – a backend developer who has over 12 years of experience in software development.

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