Bright AWS Workshops for Dev Community

Serverless is more than a trend. At Bright Inventions we believe that every backend developer should participate in cloud infrastructure so we constantly learn about the tools like AWS. Recently we decided to share our expertise with developers outside our team.

AWS Workshops Bright Inventions

Sharing is caring! Our team members are speakers at various meetups and conferences. What is more, we organise CocoaHeads Tricity meetings for the local iOS community. This year we have decided to organise AWS workshops as well to help devs outside our company deal with popular AWS cloud computing services. These workshops took place online in November and December 2021.

AWS ninja is in town

The one and only Piotr conducted the AWS workshops. Piotr is our bright tech lead, AWS expert and mentor. He is eager to share his serverless experience based on delivering cloud computing services to our clients. Piotr strongly believes that administering a cloud will soon be a part of every backend developer’s job. That is why we chose AWS as a topic of our workshops.

Piotr Mionskowski Bright Inventions

AWS workshops agenda

We designed these workshops for 10 developers to give Piotr a chance to truly address participants' needs and questions. Our workshops consisted of 4 thematic modules which helped to better understand AWS step by step. During workshops every participant built their own cloud service to practice with Piotr all presented features. Attending workshops was free of charge.

AWS Workshops Bright Inventions

Screen from AWS live workshops

Here are the topics of each AWS module:

  1. Introduction to infrastructure as code process in AWS using aws-cdk. Authorisations in AWS.
  2. Basic rules about networks and databases. How to safely make changes and protect ourselves from mistakes. Popular mistakes while using aws-cdk.
  3. Implementing my own network service. Presenting a few accessible options. Working on an example from ECS Fargate.
  4. Sharing our service publicly with load balancer. Handling HTTPs with AWS.

After the last meeting we asked participants to fill out an anonymous satisfaction survey. 100% of them said that they would recommend the workshops to their colleagues! Kudos for Piotr! 👏

Every workshop was recorded. Join our AWS Facebook group if you want to watch them all.

Another edition of AWS workshops will be organised in 2022. All the details will be posted on the Facebook group, so you may still get a chance to participate.

AWS Workshops Bright Inventions

Screen from AWS live workshops

More open workshops to come

Other workshops are coming in 2022! We plan workshops covering other areas of software development such as:

  • Road to Tech Lead
  • Risk Management
  • Offline mode iOS development
  • UX designs for Juniors
  • Empathy and communication in project management

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2022 will be all about sharing. 🌟 Stay tuned!