Bright Devs disAPPearing in Gdańsk

It was pleasure for us to take part in Summer Course "DisAPPear in Gdańsk". Many thanks to Board of European Students of Technology for inviting us. We could share our knowledge with incredibly clever minds who came to Poland from different European countries. Hopefully, we managed to reveal some secrets about mobile app development to them.

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Our workshops were focused at Android development in Kotlin - a programming language officially supported by Google since a few months. And here we should say thank you especially to Andrzej and Piotr from our team who prepared the whole presentation and thoroughly explained the whole process of the application creation to the students.

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One may ask why we decided to tell about programming in Kotlin not in Java. In fact, we assume that Kotlin is a great Java successor and we use it in our projects. This is the programming language that has a variety of advantages. Among which there is Java interoperability, type inference, higher-order functions, immutability features, data classes and many others of which all workshops participants can surely tell you now.

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Once again thank you guys - we were delighted to meet you!