Bright Year

It is almost the end of the year and for me it is also a kind of anniversary.

Before I joined Bright Inventions I had been working for Twitter in Poland. It was an interesting job, but after a few first years it became also quite repetitive. And then there appeared the time in my life for making a change. Quite sure I would like to use my creativity more and love for people and Social Media, I started exploring different job offers. Not so long after that I met Michał and Daniel for the first time, had an interview and being conscious of my professional goals and needs I decided to give it a go and I joined Bright Inventions Team. It has been a year now since then. And it has been the bright year.

There is nothing more important than people at work who support you, help you, share their knowledge and experience with you, and who come to work with a big smile on their face. And I have this kind of people around me. I suppose it is the most incredible motivation that anyone may have. Seeing clever full of passion and energy people every day in the morning can really give you an extra kick.

But to the point, what I have learnt this year? A lot. Beginning from the simplest things like where to buy the best gingerbreads in the city ending with SOLID principles, which aim at making your code more comprehensible, flexible and maintainable. But after all most significantly I have learnt that there are people for whom work is not only a nine to five routine, but an inspiring story of life. Each and every person I have met this year at Bright has added some value to my life in form of making things easier, more understandable or just more enjoyable. So I think it is high time you met Bright Devs.

Starting with these who sit the closest because the order here is not something we should pay attention to. There is Piotr who helps me before I can even think of asking him for help and who shows how humble and modest a person with extensive knowledge can be; Eliasz who answers to all my trivial questions and do not mind me eating dried sausages next to him; Adam who is able to explain to me a difference between Angular and AngularJS and sends me Twitter updates before I even know something has changed 🙃; Kamil who gives me a lot of ideas and inspirations and always listens to stupid stories about my childhood 😉; Mateusz who has told me about all the projects Bright has ever done and can even take a photo of his dog because I insanely need it for BI Instagram profile; Paweł who has introduced dozens of changes to our website before I have learnt what Github is; Andrzej who can find my spelling mistakes and always can say something that may open my mind; Radek who enjoys eating cottage cheese as much as I do; Grzesiek who encourages everyone to take part in Runmageddon; Agnieszka who can always help when I need a special cake; Monika who is always smiling and it is just good to have her near, and of course Daniel who was the first person ever that has taught me the binary system and who always listens when I catch him in the kitchen 🙂; and Michał who showed me how to do translation in RubyMine and always finds a good analogy between a real life and programming. Oh, and there is Rafał, too (Rafał is from Baltic Data Science, but I also like him a lot 😊).

What do all these people have in common? Passion, enthusiasm, engagement and wisdom. And what is extraordinary they are normal. They have families, friends, dreams. They even help you while you are buying a new flat. That is how work environment should look like. We spend at work more than a half of our life. I wish everyone could spend it among people like that.

What I have learnt this year it is not only what programming is, how successfully manage Social Media content, write blog posts or run a hiring process. I have learnt how you can create a team of people who like each other, who trust each other and who rely on each other. With support of this kind of people you can achieve a lot in life.

Thank You All for this bright year!