Everything You Need to Know about Bluetooth Development Company Based in Poland

What can you expect from Polish Bluetooth developers? Why should you consider hiring a Bluetooth Development Company from Poland? Get all the answers.

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Polish programmers are top of the top

It is a fact that Polish devs have proficient programming skills. HackerRank proved that a couple of years ago conducting a global tech challenge. Polish programmers came third.

polish bluetooth developers

Polish Bluetooth developers are fluent in English

Polish devs know English and are eager to communicate with international clients around the globe. EF English Proficiency Index presented Poland as the number 1 country in Center Europe in terms of English proficiency.

Polish Bluetooth developers work on international projects

With great foreign language skills comes the ability to work on international projects. Polish Bluetooth developers often build apps for foreign startups and larger organizations.

Poland’s location in the center of Europe makes it simple to cooperate with clients from across Europe as well as from other continents. It is worth mentioning that, for example, there is only a 1-hour difference between Poland and Israel. The difference between Poland and New York is 6 hours, which also makes it possible to conduct meetings with devs from Poland and clients from the USA.

Polish devs use a modern Bluetooth mobile development stack

Polish Bluetooth developers build mobile applications using top technologies. Check out the stack used to build android Bluetooth applications or iOS Bluetooth apps.

Bluetooth development for Android stack:

  • Kotlin, Coroutines – the open-source language used for Android native development,
  • Bluetooth Low Energy – a special technology for Bluetooth development, which uses less device’s resources (e.g. battery life or memory usage) at the same time while guaranteeing the same quality of transmission,
  • Nearby Connections API – a networking API that allows exchanging data between nearby devices.

iOS Bluetooth development stack:

  • Core Bluetooth – a framework that provides the classes needed to develop Bluetooth applications,
  • iBeacon – a protocol developed by Apple based on Bluetooth,
  • Bluetooth Classic – a classic Bluetooth still used in various cases such as connecting headphones with another device,
  • Bluetooth Low Energy – a modern Bluetooth version, already covered in the article.

Developers from Poland specialize in building applications for Bluetooth devices

bluetooth development company Poland

Bluetooth development is often used to build solutions for industries such as fitness, healthcare, retail, or fintech.

Bluetooth companies from Poland, like Bright Inventions, know a great deal about building apps connected to devices with Bluetooth.

What are the examples of the devices Polish Bluetooth developers build apps for?

Examples of healthcare Bluetooth devices:

  • Pulse oximeter,
  • Thermometer,
  • Spirometer.

If you want to know more, read another blog post on Bluetooth devices for healthcare.

Examples of retail Bluetooth devices:

  • Payment terminal,
  • Electronic scale,
  • Barcode scanner.

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