It might be worth it

Today you can find Bright Inventions at Trójmiejskie Targi Pracy and this marks a significant milestone for us. We are now getting really serious about growing our team here and inviting next bright developers to join us. I would like to use this occasion to share a few words with you, our potential next great hire.

First of all, who are we? Bright Inventions is not just a team, it’s the team. It’s a collective of people who truly enjoy working together and do it in a way that makes them and our customers delighted. Me - Michał and my co-founder Daniel, cannot be more happy with great work that Piotr, Mateusz, Adam, Eliasz, Kamil, Agnieszka, Andrzej, Paweł, Ula and Piotr deliver each and every day, consistently. How committed, caring, commonsensical, gifted and productive Bright’s team is is beyond words. We are very grateful to each employee for their amazing contributions and consider ourselves lucky to be able to work with them.

Please be understanding if we are going to be picky and selective, if we are going to shower you with hard questions and demand detailed answers, if we are going to drill deep, sometimes maybe to the point of making it uncomfortable. I apologize for that upfront. We just need to be sure that you’re a good fit. That this is going to work out well.

Why would you even care? As you’ll be visiting different stands today and picturing yourself working in different places please ask yourself what do you really want to accomplish as a developer and as a person? Do you want it easy, comfortable and cozy or are you up for a challenge, hard work, determination, sweat? It’s not easy here but with hard work comes good reward.

And if your goal is to become next Joel, David, Chris, Ayende, Kent, Mattt, Jon, Anders or Paul please step by and have a chat. It might be worth it.