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Join Our Software Workshops for Polish Dev Community

2022 is the year we turn 10 as Bright Inventions. 🎉 We decided to celebrate it by sharing insights with the community. At the same time our goal is to keep improving our knowledge sharing skills. We organize workshops for the software development community from Poland. Join Agile or iOS workshops or sign up for a webinar for future tech leaders. All workshops are conducted in Polish.

Everyday Agile Workshops

Agile Workshops by Bright Inventions

Everybody seems to be doing Agile these days. But how to be agile on a daily basis while doing software products and working in a team? What does a true Agile Manifesto mean in practice?

During the Agile Workshops Kasia – Bright Senior Project Manager, will guide you through a sprint workflow. All participants will talk about the most common project management problems and together will analyze how to avoid them.

First online Agile workshops start on February 28. Other editions are coming in March. There is still a chance to join. Join Facebook event for more info.

We have planned 4 live meetings deeply covering topics like:

  1. What is Agile?
  2. Time for practice - let’s do sprint!
  3. Common challenges and how to handle them.
  4. Discussion, reflection and questions.

Road to Tech Leader Workshops

Road to Tech Lead Workshops

What is the best way to transition from Software Developer to Tech Leader? Mateusz will help you navigate that career path according to his experience. 🙂 Check out another blog post to know his road from iOS Developer to Tech Lead.

The workshops are planned for April. As always, follow our social media to stay in the loop.

iOS + Realm Workshops for iOS Developers

iOS Development Workshops

How to store data in iOS apps on local Realm base? Check out Filip’s workshops. Filip is iOS Senior Developer with over 8 years of experience. If you are also a LEGO fan, then you really must join. No more spoilers. 😉 More details soon on our Facebook page.

AWS Workshops for Serverless Enthusiasts

AWS Workshops

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that we’ve just finished the second edition of Bright Inventions AWS Workshops. During 6 webinars, Piotr Mionskowski from Bright Inventions solved with participants plenty of AWS mysteries. They talked about cloud computing covering topics such as:

  • databases,
  • serverless,
  • monitoring with CloudWatch,
  • how to use AWS Certificate Manager and more.

Have you missed the chance to join the workshops? Do not worry, more AWS lessons are coming. Join AWS Tricity Facebook Group to be first informed about our AWS workshops.


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