Reasons to Join Bright Inventions

Bright Inventions is a great place to push your career to the next level. We offer a friendly work environment, challenging projects, meaningful development and flexibility, which is not so easy to find under one roof in other companies. But above all, we offer a team that consists of great people for whom work is something more than a place you come to every morning and leave after 8 hours as work for us is a special community.

Our company is built on the flat structure. Each and every person has a real impact on the choices we make regarding not only the stack we use in the projects, but also the organisation development.

We are a team of professionals who are not afraid of new challenges and who are also not afraid of making mistakes. You know how it works - the only people who never fail are those who never try. So, if you would like to be surrounded by smart and likeable people who will help you develop and broaden your skills and career, Bright Inventions is a place for you.

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And why you will love working with us?

1. Because of technologies we use

Since we are always up-to-date we do not use some stack only because it has been used for many years. We like technical challenges. We like experimenting and checking possibilities of the newest tech stack. We work with Swift for iOSplatforms, and with Kotlin for Android platforms. In some contexts we also used to apply React Native framework in the past.

If it comes about backend, we usually prefer TypeScript with Node.js and NestJS, but we also work with Java, Kotlin and Spring in some of our backend projects. For building web front-end applications our choice is React together with JavaScript or TypeScript.

We also work with Ethereum and Hyperledger as a Blockchain-based app platform. And which IDE do we use? The one we feel is the best for us. Most of us choose IDE by JetBrains, but we have also experience with AppCode or Xcode if it comes about iOS development, or VS Code while programming in JavaScript/TypeScript.

Blockchain development

We also work with Ethereum and Hyperledger as a Blockchain-based app platform. One of our solutions is a web app supporting Substrate Blockchain networks: Polkadot and Kusama in uploading proposals for Treasury grants.

2. Because of the atmosphere

You will find here the work atmosphere that definitely stimulates personal growth. And I mean here not only qualified people around, but our general attitude to work. We believe that everyone is different and may need different stimuli to improve their skills. If you learn better by pair programming, you have an opportunity to do that. If you feel that you need to take part in some workshops, to speed up your career, you can. If you want to go on a conference and tell about your experience, we will support you. Everything depends on your needs.

3. Because of flexibility

Either you are a morning bird or a night owl, you will find a good time to work with us. You can start work from 6.00 to 10.00 a.m. The time you work should comply to your efficiency curve. If you prefer to work at home, we also do not see any problem with that, but remember that after all we want you to be an integral part of a team, not a remote stranger. Oh, and we are flexible also if it comes about the type of agreement you prefer. We really do not mind whether your choice is B2B, a permanent agreement or temporary one. You can choose the best one for you.

We value responsibility and freedom

The time you work should comply to your efficiency curve. If you prefer to work at home, we also do not see any problem with that, but remember that after all we want you to be an integral part of a team, not a remote stranger.

4. Because of knowledge sharing

We think that real professionals learn all their life and they share their knowledge with others. And how we can do it? By building strong communities, taking part in various conferences, by running workshops, by blogging, by CocoaHeads, by internal coffee talks and much more.

data class Person(
  val name: String,
  val surname: String
) {
  fun shareKnowledge(): Boolean {
      println("Hey everyone, I am sharing knowledge!")
      return true

val developer = Person(name = "Awesome", surname = "Developer")

if(developer.shareKnowledge()) {
   println("You have a strong community")

5. Because of good equipment and tools that we use

We will provide you with MacBook and other devices such as screens, mice or keyboards. You just have to tell us what you need. If it comes to our toolset, on daily basis we use JIRA, Asana or Confluence for project tracking, Slack, Skype and Google Hangouts for remote communication, and TeamCity, AWS CloudWatch, Upsource and GitHub/Gitlab for developers.

6. Because of equality

You will find at Bright Inventions a flat structure with no management overhead. We do not have any strong hierarchy in our team. But we do have a clear career path so that you know what is expected to get a promotion. Our salary ranges are fully transparent and all the compensations are reviewed regularly every 3 months.

Why did you join Bright Inventions?

I appreciated the fact that Bright Inventions is not an outsourcing company. Here you work as a team for the client. Also, it suits me that Bright is a small company, so you don’t have to worry about bureaucracy or following corporate standards, etc.
Damian Petla, Senior Android Developer

We discuss problems with each other, we look for solutions together, we propose ideas openly. There is no division for the better and the worse. We believe that regardless of your experience or knowledge everyone makes a change. At Bright Inventions no one is afraid of asking questions because we support each other and help each other.

7. Because of BRIGHT PEOPLE

And I suppose there is no need to tell more about that. Meet us and you will find out what I mean. Or check our Instagram profile. 🤩

If you would like to give us a try, or just in case you have more questions or some doubts, drop us a line at or just contact me directly at .

Hope to see you soon on our Bright Board!

Bright Inventions


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