The Importance of Feedback in Bright Recruitment Process

Many words about team communication have already been said in this world. But we must remind ourselves that effective communication must have an element that connects the sender's message with the receiver's interpretation. The best solution here is (apart from active listening) FEEDBACK.

feedback in recruitment process

We can use it in iterations - then it becomes CONTINUOUS FEEDBACK and thanks to it we are constantly updated with the messages we hear. So simple, but when it is missing - teamwork begins to be a horror. Post that statement on your wall. :) Communication without feedback is not communication - it is a one-way messaging. And what is worse - it is a denial of effectiveness, which affects the quality of cooperation in a team. Sad, but true. It will also cause misinterpretations, the formation of false beliefs, some misunderstanding of the sender's intentions, and often unpleasant emotions. 

Luckily, in our team we have a culture of continuous feedback - all its aspects and usage have already been described in detail in Ula's article. Each of us perceives continuous feedback as a great value that we want to spread even further, outside our team, outside our day-to-day Bright life and also during the recruitment process. Our goal is to demonstrate this value transparently from the very first contact with our beloved candidates. Sharing is caring, right?

So, what does it look like during the recruitment process? What can you expect from bright recruiters once you apply? 

First things first
- we do our best to give you feedback at literally every step of the process, and even sooner - when we are only chatting on Linkedin. After all, every candidate is a valuable individual who we want to treat with respect and to whom we owe every piece of information about the recruitment steps they are currently taking part in. Honestly, we believe that it is much more valuable to bond from day one, to learn about the expectations and aspirations than to solicit interest in an offer. You may or may not like the offer, but from the recruiter’s side - in every conversation there is much more than the offer itself. There are many positive twists and interesting facts we may get e.g. the best recipe for a cheesecake or a spontaneous referral from a candidate’s brother-in-law. And all this is possible thanks to the transparent communication and understanding the candidate's true intentions. This would not be possible without continuous feedback. 

Ask me anything - I’m here to help you! Where else than in a conversation with a recruiter will you have a better opportunity to talk through your concerns, dilemmas, questions? We believe that the more you will learn about us, the more certain you will be about your new potential team at the end of the recruitment process. It’s simple. Feel free to ask about anything during a LinkedIn conversation, screening or later on during an interview. You should be certain about your decision. So ask and express directly how you feel about things, it is your time. We will always give you feedback about what is acceptable for us and what is not. Wouldn’t you agree it is much better when both a recruiter and a candidate are on the same page? I’m sure you would! 

Your time is precious - indeed, as is mine. I respect that you have your life, your own commitments as I have them, too. 🙂 What we can do for ourselves is giving each other feedback continuously and on every occasion. It enables us - me as a recruiter and you as a candidate - to swap information more effectively, to gather those which are significant, and to confront your wishes and expectations with the company potential and opportunities. To cut the long story short - it gives us (yes, we’re a team now 💪) a chance to run your recruitment process with high effectiveness in a shorter time.

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Enough of talking, let’s get down to business - to be more specific, there are some significant moments during our recruitment process when you are getting the feedback from us:

  1. Screening stage. Here we talk either on Linkedin and/or via phone. You ask me questions and I respond by giving you feedback and additional information.

  2. Recruitment meeting so-called interview. 🙂 Here we have two parts: technical run by one of our developers and non-technical run by our bright recruitment team where we refer to our core values. Now is the best time for you not only to listen about our opportunities, but also to watch carefully from a bird’s view how we act as a team in live. You can see our emotions, manners of behaviour and feel the team atmosphere during the interview. We want you to be sure our core values are alive.

  3. Straight after the technical part of the meeting we provide you with transparent feedback about your skills presented during the conversation with a tech recruiter. You are informed at which career level you are now according to our Bright career path. After the non-technical part, you receive feedback about your English skills and the overall performance. 

  4. Technical task is the last step of our recruitment process. You get feedback after your task is reviewed by the tech recruiter. We are always trying to be very stick-to-the-point and as specific as developers can be. The feedback usually involves some recommendations that may help you grow and develop your skills in the future. At this very moment we encourage you once again to share your feedback with us - especially when you feel that what we have said is not enough - your tech recruiter is happy to elaborate more if needed.

    Bright Inventions recruitment process

You won’t be surprised if I say our very last recruitment step is feedback. 😀 After the whole process you are required to evaluate our recruitment journey - regardless of the final decision. And even if the feedback is not as satisfying as we all may wish for… remember that it helps us all grow and improve both as recruits, developers and humans. 

See you soon while talking about your career!