Top Podcasts for 2022 from iOS Developer's Perspective

Are you an iOS developer, or maybe a technology maniac with a bias for apple? Do you listen to podcasts (if not, then start 😉)? Here are my top picks for iOS and general tech related podcasts to listen to in 2022.

top iOS development podcasts

Best iOS development podcasts in 2022

Let me start with iOS focused ones. Those are high quality podcasts that vary in focus and topics from quite technical to totally informal.

  • Swift by Sundell This is on the top of the list not by coincidence. It is not only top notch in terms of quality, topics and guests, but was also the first iOS podcast I started listening to. Beware however, John and his guests go quite deep into technical topics, so it requires some focus.
    I find John’s podcast very informative and motivational. You can always learn from it, at least that you still need to learn a lot about iOS development.
    Swift by Sundell is released weekly.
  • ATP - Accidental Tech Podcast My favorite podcast in this list. Marco Arment, Casey Liss and John Siracusa make you feel at home. I find this podcast entertaining and it fits almost all circumstances you can find yourself in, from focused listening, to playing in the background while driving your car. But you will need to get on quite a journey, because ATP is typically longer than two hours ;)
    Topic range is very broad, typically somehow touches on or at least originates from apple related news, but you never know when John starts to have beeping issues in his house.
    ATP is released weekly.
  • Under the Radar Podcast hosted by two indie developers: Marco Arment and David Smith. It is never longer than 30 minutes and in this period a variety of topics connected to independent dev life are covered. You can hear about challenges during bigger refactors, supporting large numbers of customers, marketing your own products and many more. If you ever thought about going indie and starting your own project, or are just curious then this is a must have!
    Under the radar is released bi-weekly.
  • Stacktrace Hosted by John Sundell and Gui Rambo it is an informal podcast about life and technology from their perspective. It is rather a casual podcast but loose personal topics are intertwined with deeper insights into apple development.
    Stacktrace is released twice a month.

Top tech podcasts in 2022

Of course you cannot live just on iOS podcasts, we need to have a richer diet in order to be healthy ;) This part is more about technology and business in a broader spectrum.

  • The Vergecast You have probably heard about The Verge and this is their flagship podcast. It is hosted by its Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel joined by Verge team members. They discuss tech news from the previous week in a light and very informal way. This will be the source of all the fresh stuff that happened in the tech industry, from new device releases to big court cases.
    The Vergecast is released weekly.
  • Decoder with Nilay Patel Another production from The Verge. Nilay Patel talks about big ideas related to technology. Maybe listening to interviews with fat cats of the tech industry may sound boring but don’t get fooled by that. Every interview Nilay conducts is incredibly interesting and thoughtful. Tune in to get to know decision making frameworks and stories of various people in the tech industry.
    Decoder is released weekly.
  • Land of the Giants This one is a little bit different than others. It is produced by Vox and contains multiple seasons of mini series about tech giants. If you want to know the stories behind Apple or Netflix, then this is a very nice and convenient way to dive in. I totally encourage anyone in the tech industry to listen to those.
    There are currently 5 seasons covering: Amazon, Netflix, Google, Food delivery companies (currently closest to my heart) and Apple.
  • Indie Hackers Courtland Allen interviews Indie Hackers that got out of their comfort zones to start businesses and pursue dreams of independence. Is going Indie future of our industry? If yes, then better prepare soon. In those interviews you will hear about businesses of various sizes and origins. For example that it is possible to start very profitable tech business that revolves around… delivering cookies 😄 Indie Hackers is released weekly.

Do you have other tech podcasts that you love? Please share with me too!


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