Would Blockchain lie to you?

Some people are sitting on a beach in summer, and some are learning Blockchain. Can you do both at the same time? The answer is YES. :)

Last week together with Rafał and Tomek from Baltic Data Science we took part in Technology Summer Course “Would AI lie to you?” organised by BEST Group Gdansk and Gdansk University of Technology. We were running workshops about Blockchain for young clever minds from all over Europe who came to Gdańsk to start off their adventure with AI and cryptography. During the workshops not only did they have a great opportunity to learn valuable skills from experienced developers, but also they got a chance to see what work at Bright Inventions and Baltic Data Science looks like on a daily basis.

Our vision at Bright has always been to share and transfer knowledge to other aspiring minds who are eager to take their skills to the next level and this course was a great way to do it. We introduced the course participants to the world of Blockchain explaining what it is in fact. One may ask why we were talking about Blockchain not other fancy AI stuff? We want to be very responsive to the industry’s changing standards and as Blockchain has arose, we wanted it to be one of our number one topics.

Being not sure which resources our candidates may like to use for learning purposes we assumed to prepare some kind of an introduction to Blockchain technology in general. After a brief abstract way of explaining what Blockchain really is, we deep dived into some more technical details of Ethereum implementation, explaining what a block, a transaction and mining is. Afterwards, having answered to interesting questions, we walked students through the whole process of interaction with test and MainNet node, starting from creating their own accounts, executing the transaction and deploying smart contracts.

Later on we focused on some coding hands-on experience - working with Node.js integration with Ethereum node. As we like to know how the things work, we started the interaction and contract deployment using solely Web3 and Solc packages, and Bash terminal. Afterwards, we demonstrated how to use Truffle framework in the same context as we like to automate things a lot. In short, we focused on everything we think is necessary for the beginning of a Blockchain developer career.

We are glad that we could inspire others and at the same point got inspired by them in turn. It’s an essential part of our company culture.