CryptoAtlas is a social platform connecting people passionate about cryptocurrency. The first and only place where you can find crypto news, communities and leaders.
MVP key features
followers on Twitter
main features

main features

  • Homepage feed aggregating news from other social media platforms, followed communities and influencers
  • Building communities
  • Integrations with Twitter, Medium & Youtube
  • Direct messages
  • AMA sessions with influencers


  • FrontEnd: React + TypeScript
  • Backend: NestJS, TypeORM, PostgreSQL
  • Deployment: Docker + Amazon Web Services (AWS)
about the project

about CryptoAtlas

Cryptocurrency world has never had an online platform dedicated exclusively to the community. Our client from Italy wanted to change that. We offered our services and helped to build CryptoAtlas that would not only aggregate cryptocurrency news from platforms like Twitter or Youtube but also deliver its own content provided by the top crypto opinion leaders.



The goal was to create a cryptocurrency platform that would fill the gap on the market. The founder’s priority is to listen to the community and offer a product that meets their expectations.


CryptoAtlas development process

Since the very beginning the target group was known, deeply scrutinized and understood by our client. Everything at CryptoAtlas is a result of feedback gathered from crypto influencers and communities. Users of CryptoAtlas have been a crucial part of this project even before the launch.

The platform was launched in August 2020. It attracts top crypto influencers that now build their communities on CryptoAtlas.

cryptocurrency social platform It is not a real implemented design. It is a mockup example created for the purpose of case study.

Bright Inventions’s development process is extremely flexible. We are open to users' ideas and constantly develop features that users expect. We try to turn users' feedback into new features in weeks, not months. It helps to build a loyal community that knows they are listened to.

Crypto community is a very demanding group of users. They know what they want. Many of them have a high level of technical knowledge. That’s why CryptoAtlas has to offer a top-quality product, with a friendly interface and modern design.



Month by month CryptoAtlas is gaining a steady number of new users. The challenge is to scale the product according to the significant growth of users.

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