Around 1 million plastic food containers are used in Germany per hour! Relevo is a smart reusable system that fights plastic waste and starts the real change.

mobile app development

It is not a real implemented design. It is a mockup example created for the purpose of case study.

Main features developed by Bright Inventions:

  • Panel for restaurants
  • QR code scanning
  • Integration with online food delivery services
  • Payment system


Fullstack: Node.js, NestJS, React, MySQL 

Mobile: Swift, Kotlin

Deployment: AWS, CI/CD

About Relevo application

Relevo is a German startup founded in 2020. It offers Android and iOS applications. Relevo works with restaurants (mainly in Munich and Berlin) that are eager to offer reusable packages for takeout. Thanks to the app users can scan a QR code on the reusable package and take their food in an eco-friendly tableware. We just have to remember to give back the packaging to the partner restaurant within 2 weeks. And then the next person can use it again.

Relevo is free, eco-friendly, and smart. We all see how plastic tableware took over our lives, especially during the pandemic. Now it might be more possible than ever to change that. We are proud to be a part of this change!

relevo app development

It is not a real implemented design. It is a mockup example created for the purpose of case study.


Relevo and Bright Inventions’ priority has been to increase the scalability & reliability of the backend system. The challenge is to ensure the system stability during peak hours. The rapid growth of users for an app like Relevo happens during lunchtime when people use the app in restaurants. At the same time we were also developing and launching new features to provide the users with new capabilities continuously. 

Process of Relevo app development

The founders of Relevo were looking for an experienced software development company that could take over the backend development. Bright Inventions was recommended by our long-term client – EY etventure. The product was already launched and gained a steady number of users. However, the backend system needed to be quickly adjusted to the rapid growth of users looking to access the app. 

We are in the process of rewriting the whole backend using technologies such as Node.js, NestJS and AWS. Also, we take care of the frontend part – developing a panel for restaurants allowing for managing the app users’ activity as well as an admin panel. 


Although our team was hired to take care mainly of the backend side, we are about to take over the whole mobile app development as well. Our mobile developers will be working on both Android and iOS versions. We are extremely happy that the client trusted us to develop the whole system now. Our cooperation with Relevo started at the end of 2020 and in a couple of months this adventure quickly moved to another level.