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main features by Bright Inventions


  • Defining and publishing assignments for ShopScout app users
  • Verifying the completion of assignments
  • Issuing payments (rewards) for proper task completion


  • Browsing through available tasks, divided into categories
  • Completing assignments (i.e., taking photos, tagging the location, filling in surveys, etc.)
  • Redeeming funds collected on the user account
about the project

about the project

Contracts between FMCG brands and chain stores often specify strict product presentation guidelines. For instance, they might indicate that the product needs to be placed in a specific aisle or next to a competing brand. It’s up to retail store owners to ensure that this requirement is filled at all times, and that the products are restocked in a timely manner.

app for FMCG It is not a real implemented design. It is a mockup example created for the purpose of case study.

Traditionally, stores needed to engage staff in such quality monitoring checks.

POSPulse relieves them of this burden by engaging consumers who use the ShopScount app. Namely, companies can set specific tasks (such as, for instance, asking clients to take a photo of shampoo at a specific chain store). They can also be asked to fill in a user survey. To confirm that an assignment has been completed properly, the user needs to submit a product photo that includes localization data. For each finalized assignment, the user receives a financial reward.



When POSPulse founders first reached out to Bright Inventions, they had already finalized their work on the app design and were ready to proceed to software development. We were entrusted with building the entire system – the iOS and Android apps, a dedicated backend, and a web app for the operators (CMS).

Our software developers worked on the app’s MVP development. After a successful market launch, we have also helped optimize the app in a series of post-MVP iterations.



The app MVP was a huge success. With the growing global demand for their services, the app founders decided to create an in-house software team who eventually took over the development.

The ShopScout app is available on both Google Play and the iOS App Store. As of late-2020, it has over 800,000 active users across multiple markets.

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