The Story of the Successful Launch of FemTech MVP for Pregnant Women

Can technology be emphatic? Dive into the story of an application crafted for expectant mothers, offering personalized nutrition and fitness content. From the moment women start their journey with the app, they experience a level of personalization that goes beyond standard fitness and nutrition advice. The app supports women's unique needs throughout their nine-month journey, demonstrating how technology can indeed respond to individual experiences.
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Months to MVP Launch
month journey

problem: a multitude of generic FemTech applications

The studies in the USA show that over 50% of pregnant women downloaded pregnancy-related apps, averaging three downloads during their prenatal period. It’s no surprise that women look for some technological assistance to help them navigate this unique time. Although there are lots of FemTech applications addressed to pregnant women, many of them lack one thing: empathy.

A digital agency, with whom we have established a successful collaboration on various software products, presented us with an intriguing problem. They were seeking expertise in developing the MVP for a fitness and nutrition app tailored for expectant mothers, aiming to ensure a healthy nine-month journey. Notably, two key members of our team, both fathers-to-be, brought a unique perspective to the project, closely aligned with the product's purpose. This collaboration was fully based on addressing specific industry needs and collecting valuable insights from the target user group.


solution: FemTech app that adapts to mothers-to-be’ needs and lifestyle choices

We started with thorough research and workshops in Berlin to understand the expectations and the technical assets that needed to be created. As Bright Inventions focused on the technical aspects of the project, including the development of the backend system, iOS, and Android apps, the agency collaboratively worked on creating engaging videos and recipes. These elements were designed to enhance the app's value for paying customers.

The goal was to create a solution that felt personalized to female users at every step. During the onboarding process, we exemplified the app's commitment to addressing women's unique needs. Through detailed questions about diet and fitness habits, we not only tailored content specifically for women but also fostered a connection with end-users. This approach conveyed to users that the app's creators genuinely aim to support them throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period.

FemTech mockups

The significant effort in the MVP development was dedicated to building a solution that tailors content to female users. By observing users' interactions with the provided recipes and workouts (i.e. what they marked as favorite, what they cooked, etc.) the system allows for a personalized and adaptive content delivery based on a user’s individual experience.


challenge: building emphatic female technology

This project has told us a lot about implementing tech that shows its users that they are listened to.

The development process was all about empathy. Our client conducted interviews with the potential users (mothers-to-be), analyzed their needs, and set up a rudimentary web-based proof of concept to verify their discoveries. Building a product like this requires an immense amount of understanding of the user's needs.

We needed to deeply scrutinize every feature and interface element to ensure its clarity and smooth navigation. The pregnancy app needs to make things easy, obvious, and fun. It also needs to build trust.

Naturally, we couldn't make the final software and design decisions based on intuition, especially after the MVP launch. Therefore, we adopted a data-driven development approach, relying exclusively on in-depth user behavior analytics and A/B testing.

Read how the data-driven development saved onboarding for this app from failure.

the results of the collaboration

result: successful MVP launch

The application was launched for iOS and Android at the same time, receiving positive reviews from the first users. With the help of the agency’s marketing team, a solid user base has been achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

Over the years, thousands of women have shown their love for the app, and we're thrilled to be a part of the creation process of such a remarkable product.

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