5 Apps that Build Your Green Habits

The climate change outcomes make many of us wonder what we can do to lead a more sustainable life. As always technology provides us with various possibilities. Check out 5 apps that in different ways can help to make eco-friendly decisions.

eco-friendly apps

1. Too Good To Go

We all have done it – throw away food that is still edible. It is also a dreadful yet daily reality for the representatives of the retail and restaurant industries. For example, the restaurants in the United States alone generate even 33 billion pounds of food waste each year. The app “Too Good To Go” helps to save the food with a close date of expiration from shops and restaurants. Users can “rescue meals” by purchasing them at a great price with the app. Thanks to apps like “Too Good To Go”, food that was supposed to be trash gets a new home and a happy stomach. 😉

2. Relevo

Do you know that plastic needs even 500 years to decompose? How often have you picked up lunch in a plastic bag that is gonna stay with the next 17 generations? And that is only the tip of the plastic iceberg. German startup Relevo prepared an answer to the problem that plastic containers are evil companions of our food to go. Thanks to Relevo, users in the biggest German cities can go to restaurants and pick up their orders in eco-friendly, reusable containers that you just have to return in the next 2 weeks. We are proudly helping Relevo to grow by developing its web and mobile applications. Go deeper into the Relevo story.

3. HappyCow

HappyCow helps to find vegan places near you. Our food choices have an impact on our planet. By reducing or cutting off meat completely from our diets we help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and freshwater contamination. HappyCow is a great app for everyone who likes to find a good vegan place.

4. Litterati

Having fun while picking up litter? That’s the goal for Litterati. The app inspires individuals to clean their surroundings and therefore motivates a community to make bigger changes. Users pick up the litter around them, take pictures and tag it to show the community the power of seemingly little actions. Then the app creates maps of the litter cleaned by people around the world to engage more people to act!

5. Geev

Geev enables you to pass on unneeded food, furniture, home appliances and more. Instead of sending them to the trash, users can donate them to others. Of course, there are many other apps offering similar services, so take Geev only as an example. It just shows that giving your things another purpose isn’t something either challenging or time-consuming because there are many apps that make it simpler.

What eco-friendly apps do you recommend? Let us know in the comments!