And they lived bright ever after… The story of Bright Inventions

Bright Inventions turns 10 in March 2022! That has been quite a ride. Let us show you milestones of the past decade that made us who we are: bright, client-oriented and always with a positive attitude.

Bright Inventions 10th anniversary

From college buddies to business owners

2012 milestone

Our founders Daniel Makurat and Michał Łukasiewicz met in 2005 at the Gdańsk University of Technology where they were studying Computer Science. They quickly became friends and after graduating they got a job in a big international corporation. Yet, after a while they felt a bit unmotivated and weary. Looking for space for taking initiatives, they decided to start their own business. Not in the garage but still… ☺️

Bright Inventions history Daniel and Michał

Their goal was to create a place where people would enjoy their work and can grow. At the same time it should be the place where you can solve interesting programming and business problems and first of all, have an impact on the business decisions you are a part of. 

That is how Bright Inventions came to life on March 15, 2012.

First-ever client


One of the first projects we worked on at Bright was Motivo cycling workouts application. It was launched in the UK. As you can see, that was quite some time ago. The app was a personal cycling coach, offering training plans and indoor cycling workouts.

Motivo app mockups

Start of the longest cooperation


Since 2013 we have been working with our client – Practi from Israel. We assist the client in building ePOS solutions for restaurants across Europe. We have been with them since their startup phase, taking part in their growth as an international retail solutions provider.

Thanks to that cooperation we have learnt a lot about scalability and supporting the system and the client’s team. We have earned experience in developing products that people rely on because they use them every day at work. We could see how end-users use our solution. Observing their actions was a real lesson indeed. It turned out that they sometimes used our product in different ways than we could ever imagine. That is an experience every software developer should have – really see how end-users interact with your product. – says Piotr Mionskowski, Partner & Tech Leader.

Building healthcare apps for chronic disease patients or moms-to-be


Etventure (now EY etventure) and Bright Inventions started to cooperate in 2013. Thanks to that cooperation we could build dozens of mobile healthcare applications for iOS and Android. One of them was a mobile app for pregnant women helping them to experience safe and healthy pregnancy and birth. We also developed the application for Parkinson’s patients which helped manage everyday chronic disease symptoms, the app for mobile physiotherapy and more.

pregnancy app mockup

5-men team


After 2 years the first employees came on board. Our founders were joined by Piotr, Mateusz and Adam. Still, after many years, Piotr and Mateusz are playing the main roles in day-to-day company life.

Bright Inventions history Piotr and Mateusz

The first non-technical person on board


After 5 years of building Bright, Daniel and Michał hired Ula – the first member of a team that wasn’t a developer. Ula’s role was to support recruitment and marketing processes. And that was a game-changer.

Bright Inventions history Ula

Ula joining our team was the number 1 milestone in our history. Ula was thrown into deep water and she made it. She not only took care of HR staff, recruitment or marketing. For me the crucial part was her taking care of the well-being of employees. She has been focused on building a work environment where people simply would like to work and self-grow. – says Mateusz Klimczak, Partner, Technical Leader & Project Manager who could observe Ula’s actions since her day one at Bright.

Diving into blockchain


In 2016 we entered the blockchain world by developing the first solutions based on blockchain Ethereum. Since then we started to cooperate with startups, large companies and NGOs that were working with blockchain. This led us to our first original solution built for Polkadot. Yet, that is a story for later. 😉

Top App Development Agency according to Clutch


In 2018 for the first time, we were recognised by Clutch as one of the Top App Development and B2B agencies in Poland. Since then we were regularly included in Clutch ranks among the top software development companies in Poland.

Over 50 bright people


In 2020 we got over 50 employees on board! From a 2-people company, we became, over the years, a much bigger and more comprehensive team.

Bright Inventions team

I think 2020 was pretty pivotal for us. We put a lot of effort to hire great positive people who wanted to create Bright Inventions together with us. I remember that I had a lot of captivating interviews day by day. It was a hectic, but bright time, for sure.

It is really important to have a strong sense of the ownership of the organization, team, and your work regardless of the company size. I think we have achieved that. Each and every person in our team has contributed to our Bright success. – says Ula, HR & Marketing Manager.

Watching our client’s massive success


Our cooperation with the Israeli ePOS startup, which started in 2013, moved to another level. The startup was acquired by Just Eat – the top online food order and delivery service company. Our client has got all the resources needed to develop their innovations for restaurants across Europe. We are proud to assist them on their journey practically from the very beginning.

Launching our first product


In 2021 we launched a beta version of our first original product – BrightTreasury app for Kusama and Polkadot. The app is a result of over 6 years of experience in blockchain development. The app was funded by the Web3 Foundation.


BrightTreasury valued by Polkadot community


After the official launch of BrighTreasury at the beginning of 2022, the Polkadot community responded with positive feedback. The community decided to support the maintenance and further development of the app. So we have the pleasure to keep working on our original solution for Polkadot and Kusama networks.

Bright Inventions turns 10 in March 2022! :) What’s next for us? We can’t wait to find out!


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