10 Years Back… Top Programming News of 2012

Since it has been a decade already, let’s revisit the year 2012. Do you recall top tech and programming news of 2012? Don’t worry – I will remind you.

Raspberry Pi sold out after the launch

That was a hit! Raspberry Pi was created to promote teaching young people computer science. And it still does. In 2019, more than forty million boards have been sold.

Raspberry Pi

Apple introduced iPhone5

Another iPhone, another story behind it. That iPhone was promoted with the slogan: “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.” Now after a decade – do you agree with that statement?

iPhone 5

The world met Windows 8

This was the year when Microsoft launched its Windows 8 operating system with a controversial tiles menu. 😉The tiles weren’t the hit and the update Windows 8.1 enabled users to replace them with a well-known Windows menu.

Windows 8

Objective-C is still at the top of programming languages

2 years before announcing its successor – Swift, Objective-C did quite well being at the top of the popular languages of the year. I guess its fate was already sealed though. ;)


TypeScript was released

TypeScript is the programming language that builds on Java. It was created by Microsoft to challenge all the complexities in JavaScript. Now after 10 years we can definitely say that TypeScript made its expectations.


Bright Inventions came to life 😀

Yup, that is a very special year for us. Our software development agency came to life in 2012. Check out our bright story.

Bright Inventions recruitment


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