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  • evaluation of your business idea
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when product workshops will be a good fit for you?

Product workshops bring value at every phase of software development. They might help you to kick off your idea as well as evaluate your much more advanced product. Find product workshops that will perfectly match your case:

you have an idea for a product, but not sure where to start

The product discovery workshop is a good fit for this case. Our team will gladly help you with discovering the product you need, detecting all the opportunities, threats, and future prospects. Together, we will discover the scope of your potential product and prepare the product development plan.

We suggest contributing 1-2 days to the product discovery workshop (also known as product development workshops). During the workshop, our team will facilitate the activities that will help to generate new possible ideas, understand your potential customers and your business needs.

you have an idea and know how your product should look like and work, but need to put it all together in a system

We’ve created a product flow workshop for this case. We will help you map the user journeys and set the flow of your product. Moreover, we will help you to look at the product from a different perspective to make sure you’ve covered all the cases. Our team will also suggest the best suitable technology for your project.

Depending on your individual case, we suggest 2-4 days workshop. Through the course of the workshop, we will create a flow of your product together, we will also help you decide what features should be considered for your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Upon request, we can provide you with the mock-ups of your product.

you already have a product, but want to know how it could be improved

A product reset (evaluation) workshop might be the best fit for your case. We will create the workshops to help you find all the bottlenecks of your product and together we will discover how to find solutions for these drawbacks. Our team will revise the project from the technological perspective as well and if needed, suggest the most efficient solutions.

We recommend from 2-4 days for this workshop. Upon request, we can provide you with the mock-ups for a redesign of your product and a plan of how to implement the improvements if any needed.

Because we treat each case individually, please contact us for further discussion to set the best scope for your workshop case.

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