Optimizing Medicine Distribution for UK Care Homes

Nurses are forced to juggle the care of multiple patients, each with unique health profiles, medication plans, and allergy considerations. If only there was a digital solution that would streamline their work and help them avoid life-threatening mistakes. This is a story of a robust Electronic Medication Administration Record that not only organizes this complexity but also reduces the risk of errors.
Care homes are in the UK
People receive help at UK care homes
Years of Collaboration


technologies: Kotlin, Swift, Bluetooth, Adobe XD


problem: transforming system inefficiencies to ensure patient safety

In the United Kingdom, approximately 17,100 care homes are dedicated to accommodating over 400,000 individuals. The UK's care home sector plays a pivotal role in supporting those in need of professional care.

In the extensive array of duties borne by care home providers, the task of medicine distribution is a crucial and demanding responsibility. The lack of digitalization in this area has cast a long shadow, leading to a confronting reality where communication between pharmacies and care homes is fragmented and historical data on patient medication distribution alarmingly inaccessible.


solution: a system that helps control medicine distribution

Our client is a UK-based health tech company aiming to streamline medicine distribution for care home professionals.


Upon the debut of their initial Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) solution, the client reached out to our team to explore a collaborative effort to refine and advance the product to a more sophisticated stage. As a result, a comprehensive eMAR solution has been developed together with a mobile application, accessible on both Apple and Android devices, which now provides seamless access to patients' medical history and prescribed medications.

This application facilitates real-time updates on medication intake accessible for healthcare providers, patients, and their families. The offline mode empowers caregivers to make essential updates without concern for internet connectivity.

Furthermore, our collaboration with the client includes implementing a system that mandates supervisor approval for significant treatment changes, fostering a collaborative approach. The system also minimizes errors by promptly notifying care home staff of potential missed medications, thereby lightening their workload through our client-centric solutions.


challenge: making a data-heavy and multifunctional system an intuitive one

Our challenge was to help the client create a system that truly enhances daily operations instead of adding to the workload of care providers. In response, we designed an interface that prioritizes essential information, ensuring all critical patient data is accessible on a single screen. Based on detailed field studies and research, we identified that end-users desire quick access to patient information and don’t want to navigate through multiple screens to obtain it. Therefore, we prioritized creating an interface that is intuitive, speedy, and seamless to meet their needs.

Navigating through another challenge, our collaboration intensified as we honed in on enhancing a pivotal HealthTech feature – offline mode. Recognizing the significance of a reliable app in time-sensitive situations, we worked closely to design an interface that distinctly indicates when users are in offline mode, fostering seamless data synchronization at a later stage.


result: successful scaling and meds distribution digitalization

We helped our client during the crucial post-MVP phase to build a solution that addresses all the needs and requirements of the nurses and doctors working with the system. eMAR now supports a wide range of care homes across the UK. As the population ages, the demand for care services that allow older individuals to remain in their homes becomes increasingly important. Therefore, solutions like eMAR will play a significant role in digitizing healthcare.

During our collaboration, we also built the Remote Patient Monitoring with wearables and a telemedicine application. Read more about it in another case study!

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