Empowering MHealth System with NHS-Certified Bluetooth Devices

The future of healthcare lies in remote medical care. In the system we helped our client build that future is already a reality. Physicians can remotely monitor patients' conditions, and consult online with the patients. The system gives access to healthcare no matter where patients live, saving logistics costs for patients and healthcare providers.
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technologies: Dagger, Kotlin Coroutines, Jetpack Libraries, Adobe XD

problem: addressing staff shortages & rising health challenge

problem: addressing staff shortages and rising health challenges

When COVID-19 swept across the world, it revealed the stark reality of global healthcare. The traditional health systems, with staff shortages and the glaring lack of funding for public care, have not been able to face the rising challenges. Among these challenges were the escalating cases of chronic diseases and mental health issues. The healthcare sector urgently needs a comprehensive and technologically advanced solution that addresses the shortcomings revealed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This could be done by the integration of telehealth services, remote patient monitoring, efficient data management, and improved communication channels between healthcare providers and patients.

solution: empowering healthcare transformation with remote patient monitoring and telemedicine

solution: empowering healthcare transformation with remote patient monitoring and telemedicine

We joined forces with our client based in the United Kingdom to find the cure for the healthcare sickness in the United Kingdom. Our collaboration has already yielded a robust Medicine Administration Record (eMAR) system, available on both Android and iOS platforms. After that, we took another step towards healthcare digitalization.

Our team supported the client in developing a pilot Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system for Android, the application accessible by a doctor at their office, showing them in real-time the vital signs of their patients who are currently at home. The app is now available in the United Kingdom.

Pulse oximeter

The RPM system is centered around an Android application, complemented by a couple of Bluetooth health-monitoring devices integrated by the Bright Inventions team. The application empowers medical professionals to efficiently manage more patients without needing individual, time-consuming examinations.

Another crucial step towards the digitalization of healthcare is telemedicine. We supported our client in this area as well. Our team crafted an Android application supporting online consultations for users. Patients have a scheduled consultation in the app; all they need to do is join the meeting, enabling the camera and microphone. 

the challenge

challenge: integrating Bluetooth devices into a single system

Our team faced the formidable challenge of integrating various healthcare devices with distinct Software Development Kits (SDKs) into a cohesive system. With our Android team's expertise, we successfully harmonized these disparate SDKs into a unified system.

Furthermore, another compelling challenge involved developing an algorithm capable of rapidly detecting whether a patient's vital signs signal an urgent requirement for assistance. Our team devised a solution that facilitates data transmission to the doctor, triggering an alarm in the event the patient’s medical condition escalates to a life-threatening state.

result of the collaboration: unlocking digital health for 1000+ health and care organizations

result of the collaboration: unlocking digital health for 1000+ health and care organizations

Our client has become an approved NHS supplier of remote monitoring services and an ISO 27001 accredited company. The company sets a direction for digital healthcare transformation in the UK. We are proud to have been a part of this advancement in health technology and are confident that this product will positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

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