vCare is a healthcare software solution that helps care homes all over the United Kingdom monitor and maintain their residents’ health. The app, available for both iOS and Android, assists in proper medication administration for facility residents.

vcare healthcare app

Main features

  • Managing list of care home patients
  • Registering medicine administration
  • Overview of medicine schedule for patients
  • Marking missed or skipped medicine administrations
  • Adding notes on patients’ state while administering medication
  • Requiring the supervisor’s approval for actions that might put the patient at risk
  • Setting reminders for subsequent medication administration


Android: Kotlin, Navigation Library

Database: Room

Dependency Injection: Dagger

Asynchronous programming: Coroutines

iOS: Swift

Database: Disk

Dependency injection: CocoaPods

Deployment: Teamcity, Fastlane

Tests: Nimble, Quick


When we entrust our loved ones to a care home or assisted living facility, we want to be absolutely sure that their health and safety are a top priority. vCare is a software that helps care homes offer the highest level of care by making it easy to administer the right medication and dosage to residents, at the exact right time of day.

A healthcare app


When we first spoke to the vCare team, there was already a working Android app present on the market. However, the Founders were looking to take the software to a new level by improving the design and code, and by exponentially growing the app’s reach to new target groups. Firstly, vCare wanted to make their healthcare solution available to facilities using iOS-based devices. This meant that an iOS app that would work on both mobile and tablet devices needed to be developed from scratch.

Secondly, the vCare team was looking for major design and code refinements for the existing Android app and software. They have also decided to develop several new features to further ensure patients’ security and facilitate caregivers’ daily work.


Our design team’s goal was to create intuitive, reliable mobile apps that would make it easy to register medicine administration and view historical records for each patient. It was absolutely crucial that anyone using the app knew whether a given resident had already taken his/her medication, and had the option to add a note on the patient’s profile.

To further increase the security of home care residents, the software also needed to include a supervisor approval feature for any significant change in treatment applied by a member of staff.

Our designers worked on the redesign and incorporation of these and several other new features to the Android app, and designed the entire experience for iOS. For updating the Android app, our developers worked in Kotlin, and applied Room library for the database, Dagger for dependency injection, and Coroutines for asynchronous programming.

For iOS, we chose to work in Swift, and – among others – applied Cocoa Pods for dependency injection, Nimble and Quick for running tests, and Teamcity and Fastlane for deployment.


The iOS and updated Android apps have been available on the market since 2019. We are currently approaching the end of the maintenance period, and are already in the talks on a whole round of new features for both applications.