• online or in-person workshops
  • conducted by Agile experts with 10+ experience
  • tailored Agile practices for your team

who will benefit from an Agile workshop?

  • Startups and businesses that have software developer teams and want to start following Agile manifesto.
  • Fully co-located software teams as well as teams combining members alongside different offices. We help you deal with different cultures and support in a cultural Agile transformation.
  • Organisations that want to cooperate with us on a software development project and are willing to understand how we plan and prioritize our work in order to bring your product to the market.

meet our Agile master

Katarzyna Łukasiewicz is a determined and passionate Agile Coach with over ten years of experience in teaching and mentoring individuals as well as organisations based on Agile principles. She graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology with a PhD in “Method of selecting programming practices for the safety-critical software development projects”.

kasia łukasiewicz agile coach

She is actively involved in the Agile community through her participation, publications or speaking events. As a member of the academic community she teaches future software developers and PMs about best practices in software development projects.

As a Process Manager at Bright Inventions she brings her expertise into software development team and accelerates progress delivering value, while teaching new skills as necessary to tackle the technical challenges the team is facing. She makes the team work effectively with modern development practices, tools and approaches.

Katarzyna will guide you and your team through Agile development in order to establish the best practices for your team.

what will you learn about Agile?

It depends on your needs, but our team will be more than happy to show you:

  • How to introduce Agile Manifesto for your team.
  • What are the best methods and practices to make your team Agile.
  • What are the phases of Agile development including steps like: user stories or Agile discovery phase.
  • How to combine technical knowledge with deep Agile experience to achieve high market focus, productivity, and quality.
  • How Agile teams generate opportunities, reduce risk, and decrease costs.
  • How Agile benefits cross-cultural teams and in remote teams.
  • How to solve project management problems in your team.
  • How to evaluate the existing Agile approach in the team.

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