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what is IoT and why you might need it?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is easily described as a network of various devices connected to the software. As a result, users can control the devices and monitor the data provided by hardware.

If you plan to sell or build devices connected with mobile applications, then consider hiring IoT experts who will create the right software for the devices.

is the IoT solutions company a good fit for you?

Internet of Things is an integral part of the software development process for many industries. You may need an IoT provider especially when:

you represent the retail industry

As a retail business, you probably need software compatible with ePOS. Our team has worked with dozens of ePOS devices developing web as well as Android & iOS applications that are used by thousands of restaurants across Europe.

you represent the healthcare industry

For our client vCare we have developed software that enables telemedicine. Our team have built software connecting with such devices as: Bluetooth thermometer, pulse oximeter and more.

you represent the fintech industry

Do you want to develop an app integrated with an external card reader? Or need devices and software that are going to authorise the transactions? We have worked with hardware for Fintech and we are ready to assist you with your fintech IoT project. What is more, as blockchain experts we offer to develop your IoT solutions with blockchain technology.


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