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product design services that we offer

It does not matter in which phase you are with your product, we will make sure you make the best out of it. Our product design process contains a couple of steps to ensure that your project will reflect your business goals. We are flexible, the final product design flow always depends on your needs.

product workshops

Working on your product design starts from workshops where we establish the road for your product to meet expectations and business goals. Workshops are a great help for clients who came only with an idea and want to verify its potential. Also, they are a great option for mature organisations that aims to improve an existing product.

wireframe design

After workshops we create wireframes which are simple designs that will show you the basic flow of your application. So from the very beginning you know that we are on the same page.

mockup design

After discussing wireframes, we are ready to transform them into mockups. They are simple designs that will show you – for the very first time – the user interface. Mockups assure you that your idea is rightfully represented in the design.

prototype design

Finally, our product development team creates prototypes. They are simple clickable mockups that are a great way to quickly test the idea at this still a very early stage. Prototyping helps to eliminate mistakes that could be very costly if there were included in the production version.

user interface and user experience design

This is the moment to incorporate all the best UI and UX practices into your solution. Our main focus is to create the best experience for the users, and in order to do that we follow universal UX laws and make designs look simple but solid on all devices.

designing the whole system

At Bright Inventions we go along with our clients through their whole product journey, from the ideation phase to the maintenance. We put every design aspect of the product together. The final design is a combination of our expertise in product design, usability testing and frontend development.

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